Blast off!

Welcome to The Blog at  If you’re here, you are probably familiar with SLPowers.  We are a South Florida IT Services company with people and offices in several states, and serving mostly the Eastern United States, with a focus on our South Florida “home town”.

Now, before you go running for the hills, afraid of just another techie company blog…  Of course we’re going to have to share some techie stuff, but mostly, I hope we can demystify what we do and how we do it.  We want to feature some of the people and vendors that help us do it.  We want to showcase not only that we’re good at what we do but also that we have fun doing it.

It’s true.  We have a “beer garden” behind our office where Guitar Night is now becoming a weekly tradition.  It’s not unusual, on any given Wednesday evening, to find some of our engineers, vendors and/or clients enjoying a cold one out back, while blasting out their favorite Rolling Stone songs.

On the business side, it’s 2013.  Since the world seems to be behind schedule on ending, we’re forging ahead, scheduling some exciting things for the new year and planning a number of announcements in the coming weeks.  Our new website, for example, is a scheduled to launch on January 16th.  Stay tuned for more.

So, when you want to find out what’s going at SLPowers, check here first.
See you at Guitar Night?

– Rory

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