IBM Storwize V3700 Storage System

One of the exciting thing of being an IBM Partner in South Florida is bringing our clients the new line of Storwize solutions.

If you haven’t checked out IBM’s new Storwize V3700 Storage Virtualization Array, you should probably take a close look.  You know how complex it can be to manage multiple SANs and storage systems from multiple manufacturer’s but you don’t want to stop buying the best solutions for your particular needs, at the time of purchase.  Enter the IBM® Storwize® V3700, starting below $9K, the entry-level version of the very popular V7000 family.  Now, with IBM’s Storwize technology, you can non-disruptively virtualize your multi-vendor storage environment and control it all from one easy-to-use management console.

Your preferred business partner?  Hey… That’s SLPowers.

For more information, please visit our IBM Solutions Showcase.

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