Month: February 2013

Tech on Tap

I’ve been selling network technology solutions for more than 20 years, but don’t call me a geek. It’s not that I find the term insulting—I would love to qualify as even half a geek. But every time I try, every… Read More ›

Online Family Safety

Being a “Tech Guy” I am frequently asked, what’s the best way to keep families safe from the internet?  Since SLPowers  doesn’t focus much on consumer based products, it’s a question that I found difficult to answer.   We use several technologies… Read More ›

Your Cloud Could Work Better

A recent article from tech news source CRN outlined the ten biggest cloud outages of 2012. Familiar faces like and GoDaddy made the list. (GoDaddy’s outage shook them up enough to chase them out of the cloud business altogether.) Google made the… Read More ›