Tech on Tap

I’ve been selling network technology solutions for more than 20 years, but don’t call me a geek.

It’s not that I find the term insulting—I would love to qualify as even half a geek. But every time I try, every time I force a laugh at an insider reference to Windows Millennium, I feel like the fattest guy at the nudist colony. You know, uncomfortably exposed.

Tech on Tap exists for engineers. It’s a chance for them to kick around IT issues and technology breakthroughs over a few beers. It’s open to anyone who can share a few good stories about active directory replication failures due to incorrect DNS.

You’ll undergo zero sales pressure, because you’ll meet zero salespeople.

Tech on Tap is back this Wednesday (Feb. 20) at Renegades in West Palm Beach. The first round of cold ones will be poured at 6:00 PM. We’ll be there until 8:00 PM, and it’s our treat.

Come have beers with our top engineers.

Beer festival

–Michael Gavaghen

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