What happens at TechOnTap…

Stays at TechOnTap?  Not really.  It’s not Vegas.  019

I was reading Michael Gavaghen’s TechOnTap post from last week, and I wanted to make a clarification.  You might meet a salesperson at TechOnTap.  They aren’t banned from the event.   In fact, one of these days, you might even meet Michael at one of the get-togethers – maybe, if he promises not to mention Windows ME again.  The point is, it’s really not a sales thing.  It’s really just an opportunity to have beers (or non-alcoholic beverages) and talk tech with one or more of our top engineers.

Funny…  At last week’s event, someone asked me how many people we were expecting.  We really didn’t know.  Sometimes it’s just people from SLPowers.  Other times we’ve had a number of clients show up.  Once, we had a whole bunch of people from the same client show up.  You never know.  It’s always different and every once in a while I have to ask, is this a worthwhile event?  I know the engineers think so, but then, most of them enjoy a cold one every now and then.

Well, I happened to be asking myself that question last week when, towards the end of our happy hour, one of our clients who was getting ready to leave said to me, “hey…  I wanted to thank you for hosting this event.  I got more from spending the last few hours with these guys than I could have any other way.  This was great.”  And there was my answer.


So, what happens at ToT…  Should it stay at TechOnTap?  Maybe.

But just in case our competitors want to start hosting similar event, I have
a few name ideas for them:

  • SANs & Suds
  • Vodka & Virtualization
  • Tequila & Technology
    – I’d go to that.

And of course my favorite…
“One Bourbon, One Scotch and XenServer Storage Alignment!”

– Rory

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