Month: March 2013

Google Glass(es)

For all the gadget geeks out there… According to Yahoo!, “Google has picked out 8,000 people who will be given a chance to don a pair of Internet-connected glasses and make a fashion statement likely to be envied by gadget-loving geeks… Read More ›

WTF is Wrong with WFH?

WFH, flexible work program, remote employment- Telecommuting has many aliases, and it has been a hot topic lately, partly because Yahoo!  recently put the kibosh on it.  In a statement issued via email  from their HR department, Yahoo! informed telecommuters that they would no… Read More ›

The Need for Data Insurance

I’ve become frustrated by the way many companies and organizations (usually those with 150 users or less)   just don’t “get” the intrinsic value of their data. They buy car insurance, property and casualty insurance, errors and omissions insurance, key man insurance,… Read More ›