SLPowers wants to buy Dell’s PC Business?


In the midst of the drama surrounding Dell’s proposal to go private with Silver Lake Partners, one South Florida technology company told CRN Magazine that maybe they would like to buy Dell’s PC business.  The comment came after Carl Icahn, of Icahn Enterprises (a major Dell shareholder), appeared on Bloomberg television last week saying that Dell could “sell off the PC business”.

If you’re wondering who said they might want to buy Dell’s PC business, it was none other than, our very own VP of Sales & Marketing, Michael Gavaghen.
Read the full article here:  “maybe SLPowers wants to buy Dell’s PC Business.

Immediately, we tracked down our CEO, Rory Sanchez, for a comment.  Sanchez said, “I don’t know what Gavaghen is talking about.  I told him I needed to stop by Target to buy an Adele CD for the business, not that we were targeting to buy Dell’s PC business.”  Sanchez then left our interview while yelling, “does anyone have Scott Campbell’s phone number?”

Do we like the name S. Dell Powers?

Of course, this is all a joke.  Hopefully all of our friends at Dell (and their attorneys) have a sense of humor.  In any case, we hope it got your week started with a good laugh.  And speaking of funny things, Icahn keeps saying that Michael Dell is, essentially, ripping-off his shareholders by buying their shares at $13.65 each, when Dell (the company) is actually worth much more than that.  At the same time, Dell’s stock closed Friday at $13.45 per share.  Am I missing something?  I guess I never did understand “new math”.

That’s all we’re saying.  Have a productive week…

Note: We normally sign our blog posts but no one wants credit for this one. 🙂

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