That’s What She Said

So, The Office series finale was last night. I was a bit sad to see it come to an end, even though I didn’t enjoy the last few seasons as much.

Although we are in South Florida, not Scranton– and we don’t have any managers taking off to the Caribbean for three months, I can’t help but see certain parallels between Dunder Mifflin and SLPowers. Whether it’s paper or computers, Jim and Dwight or Thom and Robbie, there is certainly something about working in an office. There’s a “that’s what she said”  to be told in every workplace.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we are ok with being weird and that carries over here. I think the quirkiness of the cast of characters in The Office speaks to every enterprise, SLPowers included. Every seat is filled by a character in their own right– quirky, funny, talented and dedicated. That’s something you can be proud to have in common.

After years sitting at a desk, within a  paper airplane’s reach, these people become like family. You probably see your work family more than your real family, so it’s important to have a supporting cast around you that really can read you. You can put their stapler in a jell-o mold, or play other practical jokes, but it’s nice to know who has your back.

Whether you’ve been here at SLPowers for five months or five years, if you’re jamming at guitar night or presenting at a Lunch & Learn, you know there is an incredible and supportive team behind you.  We go the extra mile for our clients, and each other and that is something I am proud to be a part of.

We might not have a manager who sings a capella, or hand out Dundies, but we have a pretty cool beer garden and some  rockin’ dudes.


“As Pam Halpert (played by Jenna Fischer) said, There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kinda the point.”


— Anna van Tonder

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