Let’s Cha Cha, Lunch and Learn edition.

Lunch and Learn with WatchGuard and EVault

June 19, 2013


Welcome and Introductions from Michael Gavaghen

Data Security . . .  Disaster Recovery . . .  And mountains of  scrumptious tapas . . . Mix well, and you have the recipe for last Wednesday’s Lunch & Learn at Cha Cha’s in Palm Beach. SLPowers was joined by one of our oldest partners (WatchGuard), and one of our newest (EVault) for an enticing afternoon.


WatchGuard’s captivating presentation

WatchGuard presenter Harrison Midkiff detailed how cyber-security threats facing organizations have changed drastically. This is largely due to the current economic and political environment around the world, as well as the type and volume of information now shared on the internet.

Today’s crafty attackers are using a sophisticated combination of cloud, web, and email channels to deploy malware, engage in data theft, and gain access to your organization’s confidential digital assets for great financial gains.

In this lunch seminar, WatchGuard explained the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud, as well as how much trust you should be putting in your cloud provider. Harrison discussed the magnitude of internet service and web application threats and shared how encryption can help you keep the lid on confidential information. He also described practical defenses and controls can give you back the reins to data, compliance, and security.







Harrison Midkiff from WatchGuard


EVault Co-Presenters Ryan Gourley and Raul Lozano

EVault presenter Bill Ferara discussed why upgrading disaster recovery (DR) capability should be a top technology priority for companies.

Bill explained the importance  in recovering your operational systems and data within 4, 24, or 48 hours after a complete site outage,  why you should have an emergency off-premise backup site, and how to avoid the complexity and cost of establishing and managing one yourself.

EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery is a Cloud service offering that resolves such challenges.  It is a hosted service to help you quickly recover your key servers and data after a site disaster, and remotely access them in a secure virtual environment.  It includes state-of-the-art technology and a team of DR experts that prepare you for and guide you through the entire recovery process.

In the lunch seminar, EVault led the discussion on identifying the benefits of DR in the cloud, how technology is driving adoption, what to look for in a vendor, and how to make cloud DR a reality for your company.


Bill Ferara from EVault


Informative presentations from WatchGuard and EVault


Tapas at Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen

We tried something a little different with the concept of this event and hope everyone enjoyed the new format. We moved from the Lunch & Learn that began at 2:30pm with light bites of specialty tapas, including mini short rib tacos and avocado toast, into the Tech on Tap portion of the evening.

At Tech on Tap we invite people to join us for an informal happy hour where they can talk  tech with our engineers, or just meet some friendly faces.

If you are interested in joining us for a Tech on Tap or Lunch and Learn, take a look at our events page where you can see all our upcoming events and find registration links.







Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen

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