Let me Upgrade Ya! Need a faster, more secure computer?

Want a faster, more secure laptop or Desktop?


Technology is always evolving. There are new hard drives available for both laptops and desktops,  and they are generally an easy upgrade. They can make your computer more secure and way faster.

Let’s start with faster.  Seagate, Crucial and many other manufacturers now offer two new types of storage.

The first is SSD or Solid State Drive.  They are basically made of non-volatile memory working in billionths of a second instead of thousandths of a second like a traditional hard disk. Think low power, no moving parts, less power consumption, less heat, more battery time and a transformation of speed – for multitasking and increased demand of today’s apps.  How fast?  Not an easy, straight answer due to reads/writes/boot/app startup, etc. but as a blended overall picture, about 5x faster.  Ahh… just think of it…really fast boot times and simultaneous running apps! The drives are relatively small in capacity, typically from 120 to 960 GB and cost from $ 199. to $ 600.

The second is a Hybrid Solid State Drive (SSHD) – part hard disk and part large memory cache.  Still moving parts and some of the other drawbacks of the traditional hard disk. They are not as fast as the SSD in all areas but crush the traditional hard disk.  Compared to SSD they are more budget friendly ($ 65. to $ 120.) and come in larger sizes(500 GB to 1TB).

Now add the included feature of hardware encryption technology to keep your data safe from others, should your laptop be lost or stolen.  This is a must for healthcare, law and others carrying private client data.  That’s a lot of bang for the buck.

Which drive is best for you?  See the resources below or contact our Sales Department.

Additional resources:






–Bob Hochmuth

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