Top Tech Trends of 2014: A Collection


Happy New Year! There is so much on the horizon in 2014, so we thought we’d take a look at some items to be interested in.

In reviewing the myriad of Top Tech Trends Lists available in the new year, there are a few key areas that stand out and seem to be found in various lists. Here’s a round up of some popular list’s key points, and some important take aways from them.

Mashable’s has a 7 Huge Tech Trends to Expect in 2014 list and three key points from that are: — “Hello, 4K Content”

Simply, 4K HDTVs (also known as “Ultra HDTVs”) offer screen resolution approximately four times greater than your standard 1080p HDTV. At CES 2013, I saw a number of giant-screen 4K sets. The images were so sharp, clear and brilliant that it was like looking out a window.

— “Privacy Backlash”

If the law won’t help us, and companies like Verizon, AT&T, Google, Yahoo and Facebookcan’t, I predict people will take matters into their own hands. In 2014, they’ll look for ways to either pull back from social media and smartphone use or use tools that will help shield their activities. Expect a new class of privacy protection companies and services to arrive in 2014, ready to meet what is sure to be a growing need.

— “Could Wars”

However, most consumers in 2013 still didn’t understand how cloud-based storage works. The disparity of tools, interfaces and storage options is “clouding” what should be a clear picture: The days of storing locally are nearing an end. In 2014, cloud storage producers will conduct an education, pricing and marketing offensive. By the end of next year, external hard drive sales will decline and cloud storage adoption will have skyrocketed.

The IEEE Computer Society at has 10 items on its list of Top Technology Trends with important items to point out which include:

— “Emergence of the Mobile Cloud

Mobile and cloud computing are converging to create a new platform—one that has the potential to provide unlimited computing resources. Mobile devices are constrained by their memory, processing power, and battery life. But combined with cloud computing, data processing and storage can happen outside of mobile devices. What IDC calls the “Third Platform” will allow for better synchronization of data, improved reliability and scalability, increased ease of integration, anytime-anywhere access to business applications and collaborative services, rich user experiences, and an explosion of new services.

— “From Big Data to Extreme Data

It’s more than the three Vs—volume, velocity, and variety—that make big data such a difficult tiger to tame. It’s that the technology world hasn’t quite caught up with the need for trained data scientists and the demand for easy-to-use tools that can give industries—from financial and insurance companies to marketing, healthcare, and scientific research organization—the ability to put the data they gather into meaningful perspective. The current era of extreme data requires new paradigms and practices in data management and analytics, and in 2014 the race will be on to establish leaders in the space.

On list, a couple of take aways were:

— “Firms Shed Yesterday’s Data Limitations”

–“Firms Learn from the Could and Mobile

There is also, CES 2014: Four mega-trends for the professionals


Remember that the main premise of wearables is sliding more smoothly into your daily life so that you don’t have to be constantly whipping out your smartphone. The products that get the technology out of the way in the smoothest and most attractive ways will win. There’s going to be lots of silly-looking stuff. Don’t get distracted by it and underestimate the potential of this category in 2014. But, also don’t forget that these are all primarily smartphone accessories.

And finally, According to Yahoo!’s Top 10 Tech Trends

— “Windows 8.2 Brings Back the Start Menu”

A new version of Windows, perhaps called Windows 8.2, will bring the real Start menu back and allow you to run the new-style “Metro” apps in their own windows on the desktop. The tile-based “Modern UI” will still be there for users that want it, particularly those with tablets.

— “Android PCs Battle for the Low-End”

Despite all the great $1,200 laptops out there, the average PC notebook buyer spends only around $470. While you can get a Windows PC for well under $400, you usually have to make a lot of compromises. Though Google is targeting cost-conscious consumers with its Chrome OS, many hardware vendors prefer the company’s other operating system.

–“First Laptops Launch with USB Power Delivery”

Enter USB Power Delivery, a new standard that will allow such high-wattage gadgets as laptops and large tablets to get both power and data over a single USB connection. At CES 2013, we saw a demo laptop getting power in and sending HD video out over USB. In 2014, we expect to see the first shipping products.

What do you see as a Top Tech Trend? Share in the comments.

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