SLPowers Becomes Backyard Barber Shop to Benefit Charity

Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Kind of.

As many of you know, we are big supporters of the local charity organization, Community Friends, and take every opportunity to turn an everyday occurrence into an philanthropic one to benefit the amazing work they do in our community. Whether it is collecting used “computers for cash”, or gathering toys and other donations at Margarita Ball, we are happy to support Community Friends every chance we get. Yesterday was no exception.

It all began in early April, at an SLPowers company get together. One of our engineers, Jesse, said “if you guys sign a new GN client, I will shave my head.” Everyone’s ears perked up and instantly, he knew he’d sealed his fate of entering the bald brotherhood. Naturally, several people jumped at the chance to “help” and offered to cut his hair. Luckily, Thom thought that instead of just picking someone to shave the ‘do, we could turn it into a fundraising event and sell raffle tickets. Brilliant!

So, the plans were made, and tickets were sold and yesterday after work (a margarita or two were made to numb his pain)… Jesse was set to be sheared. We set up shop in the beer garden with a nervous Jesse, worried how he’d look at the end. We put the names of those that donated into a box and pulled two. Thom and Gene got the honor(?).



Luckily, there was just one rule, “DON’T TOUCH THE BEARD!!”

After a few swipes of the clippers, Jesse knew there was no turning back. It didn’t take long but it turned out great. Take a look!


Ready to go!




Being a good sport!




All done! Doesn’t he look nice!?

It may not be Locks of Love but it was done with care and we had a great time doing it. We are thankful to Jesse for letting us collect funds for Community Friends at his expense. At least it’ll be cooler for the summer! (*BONUS*)


My take away here is that our team has some really stand-up, true to their word, reliable and dependable folks dedicated to bettering our community whenever possible. Whether they are at the service desk working on a ticket or helping those in need, you can always count on SLPowers to be there when we’re needed.

We had a good time, we had a good laugh, and we got to raise a bit of money for charity. Win, win, win!

Next up, a team build for Habitat for Humanity. Stay tuned.


Anna van Tonder

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  1. I want to thank Anna for ordering Ergo Stylus/Ballpoint Pen for Touchscreen Mobile Devices from Garrett Specialties. What a great idea to support Community Friends. We look forward to working with you again.

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