SLPowers Partners with J. Stengel Consulting

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SLPowers is pleased to announce a strategic partnering agreement, reached earlier this month, with J. Stengel Consulting (JSC) based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  J. Stengel Consulting is an IT security research & consulting firm that develops IT security solutions, performs IT security audits, risk assessments, and vulnerability testing, and delivers managed security services, and various types of security training.

“In this ultra-fast paced world of information technology, SLPowers continues to expand its services to meet client needs while differentiating ourselves from the competition”, said Rory Sanchez, CEO.  “In addition to enhancing our already robust security practice, the partnership with J. Stengel Consulting will add a new level of excellence to the SLPowers service delivery engine, by bringing outside, independent security auditing and thought leadership to ourselves and our clients.”

SLPowers and J. Stengel Consulting became aware of the synergy between the companies by way of a common vendor, WatchGuard Technologies.

“WatchGuard Technologies is excited about the partnership between two of our top Expert Partners and Managed Security Providers”, commented Erik Halvorsen, Senior Director of U.S. Sales.  “Both companies have a deep knowledge of security and compliance, particularly as it applies to healthcare, retail and banking, and we look forward to continuing to be an integral part of their growth and success.”

SLPowers is a Network Security & Infrastructure Management company, whose other security vendor-partners include Cisco, Dell and Fortinet. SLPowers and J. Stengel Consulting have a number of managed IT security offerings scheduled for release later this year, all of which will include multi-vendor support.

“This partnership will start a new era for J. Stengel Consulting,” said John Stengel, President. “By utilizing the incredible technical and IT project talent of SLPowers, our security team will be able to focus on our greatest strengths: Delivering security services, products and monitoring unparalleled in the industry.”

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