Roy Boyd Joins SLPowers

Roy Boyd

So you know we’ve entered into a strategic partnership with J. Stengel Consulting—one of the most prestigious data security practices in the Southeast. Now comes the fun part: adding talented people to take maximum advantage of our new capabilities.

Roy Boyd has joined SLPowers, and brings 25 years of high-level technology experience with him. He’s also a healthcare specialist, well versed in guiding hospitals toward successfully meeting Meaningful Use Stage 1 certification, and full compliance with HIPAA/HITECH security and privacy rules.

As Senior Vice President at Texas-based Phoenix Health Systems, Roy was responsible for rolling out complex managed services and IT solutions to community hospitals throughout the country.

“Over eight years that spanned a rapidly-evolving technology and regulatory landscape, Roy’s ownership of a given hospital’s IT infrastructure and performance, as well as its regulatory posture, matches perfectly with SLPowers’ commitment to making our clients’ IT experience reliable and safe,” according to Rory Sanchez, president and CEO.

According to Heath Gieson, VP of Technical Services, Roy will be involved in several high-impact strategic initiatives for SLPowers. “Roy will be deeply involved in the process of developing new products and services within our Guaranteed Networks—Secure offerings. In addition, he will be working closely with the leadership at J. Stengel Consulting, leveraging his experience in the healthcare industry within JSC’s extensive footprint in that space. We couldn’t be more excited.”

Roy begins his tenure at SLP on the first of October.

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