SLPowers at Regional Technology Conference: 7 Deadly Sins of Data Protection


The partnership between SLPowers and Dell Computer added a new wrinkle last week as we represented the industry giant at regional technology conferences in Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville.


SLPowers Vice President of Sales Michael Gavaghen warned attendees about “The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Protection.”

“I don’t know if it was because of our track record protecting our clients’ data, or my track record as a sinner, but Dell was excited to have us represent them in this presentation,” Gavaghen said. “The feedback was strong, and we already have conversations underway with three prospects we met at the shows.”

Judging from post-conference evaluations, Gavaghen’s most impactful remarks relied heavily on SLPowers’ use of Dell AppAssure in our own data center.

“We don’t tout business continuity solutions just because someone pays us to do so,” he told the crowd. “We use Dell’s Data Protection suite to protect our own information every day.”


Here they are, the mistakes that will condemn you to IT purgatory:

Deadly Sin #1: Focus on backup, not recovery

Deadly Sin #2: Treat all data equally

Deadly Sin #3: Fail to understand your organization’s tolerance for data loss and downtime

Deadly Sin #4: Believe one approach fits all

Deadly Sin #5: Only store one copy of your backup data – onsite

Deadly Sin #6: Store too much backup data, for far too long

Deadly Sin #7: Think you’re done after you’ve tested your plan

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.48.46 PM

There are fixes for each of these mishaps, of course. And SLPowers is happy to share them. Give us a call.


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