Employee Spotlight: Sean Hine


Hine, Sean

  • Who is Sean Hine, in five words? Passionate, loyal, ambitious, competitive and loving.
  • How long have you worked at SLPowers and what is your role?  A total of 6 years combined.
  • What is your favorite aspect of working at SLPowers?  The work environment, the dedicated employees and the chance to grow.
  • If you had to eat the same thing for lunch, everyday, for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Cookies, all varieties.
  • What is your favorite vacation spot?  I like going anywhere, but the place where we most frequently end up is Marco Island.
  • What is one fact about Sean that people would never guess?  I was a big time fisherman when I was younger.
  • What is your favorite movie?  True Romance (Quentin Tarantino).
  • What happened on the happiest day of your life?  My youngest son was born.
  • What is your go-to, karaoke song?  The one and only time I did Karaoke is when I was a lot younger and it was “People are Strange” by the Doors (don’t ask) 🙂
  • If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be? What three questions would you ask them?  My Mom. 1. what’s it like up in the pearly gates? 2. anyone else up there with you? 3. what do you eat?
  • If you could trade places with one superhero for a day, who would it be and why?  Of course this would have to be Superman, because I’d get places quickly.
  • What is your favorite childhood memory?  Upper Rideau Lake, Westport, ON.  Summer vacation with the family.  Best times of my life.
  • What is your favorite motivational quote?  Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.  -Benjamin Franklin
  • Anything else you want people to know?  Happily married with two wonderful kids and an awesome job.  Can’t get better than this!

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