Hurricane Season: Making Sure Your Business Is Prepared And Protected

Hurricane season begins in less than three weeks. And while keeping your business safeguarded for any potential disaster is important year-round, the next five months are especially critical.  Severe weather can slow down your business significantly, or derail it altogether.


It’s essential to have business continuity and disaster-recovery plans in place to ensure that you can maintain “business as usual”—or return to it as quickly and painlessly as possible in the event of a major disruption.


Creating a business continuity strategy, Plan A, is an important way of mitigating risk, including exponential cost and loss of business.  Disaster Recovery provides the alternative course of action, or plan B, in case Plan A fails.


A recent Coleman-Parks survey found that North American businesses experience an average 10 hours of downtime every year. That downtime and recovery leads to losses of:


  • $55,000 in revenue for small companies
  • $91,000-plus in revenue for mid-sized companies, and
  • More than $1 million in revenue for large enterprises


That doesn’t begin to account for lost employee productivity from IT downtime, damage to company brand and reputation, and non-compliance with regulatory commitments.   And let’s face it… customers just aren’t that patient. They may forgive a small amount of downtime, especially in the aftermath of a widely publicized disaster, but unless you’re ready to serve them again pretty quickly afterwards, they will go elsewhere.


This is where the cloud can ensure your survival.  In the event of a disaster, a cloud-based business continuity solution allows you to instantly launch virtual copies of your entire environment.  An effective design that encompasses backup and data replication, will automate as many processes as possible in the event of disaster, ensuring that computing resources remain operational.  Today, comprehensive data protection is an option for everyone.  And SLPowers can help you put your business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place.


Guaranteed Networks  – On Demand is just such a comprehensive solution.  We host your environment in our secure data center on servers that are owned, managed and maintained by SLPowers.   We proactively manage your server environment with preventative maintenance, patch management, and on-demand specialists. You can make it your Plan A and rest easy.


Guaranteed Networks  – Restore backs up your entire environment as often as every 15 minutes.  When a server fails, we virtualize it on our appliance, allowing you to continue working in minutes.   Your critical information is encrypted and transferred off-site to a secure data center, where it is replicated to provide geographic fault tolerance. Plan B?  Check.


Call us today and speak with our cloud experts to begin putting your business continuity and disaster recovery plans into place.


And to get you started, here is a complimentary Disaster Recovery checklist that encompasses the measures you should take before, during and after the storm.

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