A Day In The Life Of Tech Services

Our Technical Services Engineers get to work with many different members of SLPowers family and with customers from all around the country. Each day is very different from the next, and of course, some days stand out more than others.


A couple of Saturdays ago, a few hours into a quiet evening, we received an alert that one of the networking modules in our primary blade center was not properly responding.  This particular blade center runs all desktop and server services for our Guaranteed Networks On Demand cloud clients, not to mention the servers that power the SLPowers infrastructure.

Minutes after the alert was sent, Senior Network Engineer Josh Spranger logged into the system and verified the module was bad. But due to our prior implementation of redundant components, the system remained fully operational, with zero client impact.

On Sunday morning GNoD Administrator Tom Carracino arrived at the data center to perform further diagnostics. Tom determined that the module had a complete hardware failure. He went to the SLPowers corporate office to retrieve a spare module, returned to the data center, installed the module, and tested the system.

For those keeping score at home, that’s initial alert to total replacement in less than 21 hours, with no customer impact.

Meanwhile, during the same Saturday-to-Sunday window:

  • Network Operations Center Director Tim Meuter migrated a client to a new SQL platform.
  • Project Engineer Justin Sheldon migrated another client to the new Exchange 2010 Guaranteed Networks On Demand
  • Guaranteed Networks Engineer James Keiser migrated yet another client from Exchange to Office365.

Yes, it was a busy weekend in the SLP Tech Services Department. But it wasn’t all that unusual.

That our dedicated and talented engineers were able to make all happen with zero client fallout comes as no surprise—to us or our customers.

We’re proud to deliver the gold standard of technical support to our valued clients. And we are just as proud to say that the SLPowers long-standing tradition of superior service is made possible by our employees, who have dedicated themselves to providing unmatched quality, expertise, and diligence in their work, every single day.

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