Another Successful Storm Survival

The SLPowers Technical Support Team has another storm under its belt, with Hurricane Matthew putting us to the test.   We are happy to report that, once again, our clients’ networks remained safe and secure throughout and after the storm. And not a single data packet was lost.

We’ve all seen the kind of havoc that hurricanes can wreak in South Florida, and we know that the potential damage to our clients goes far beyond the physical effects of wind and water. Many companies do not recover from the traumatic business interruption, data loss or equipment damage caused by a hurricane.

That’s why SLPowers has spent years perfecting our emergency procedures.  Immediately after the storm, we were back online with no damage to our data centers.  How’d we do it?  With a lot of planning, preparation, expertise and experience. The processes we’ve put in place for emergency situations have been tested again and again, and they work.

When a hurricane watch goes into effect for our region, our Global Support Desk immediately notifies our clients of steps they should take to ensure data backup, equipment protection, and software license storage.  Our Guaranteed Networks-Restore clients are assured that their data is being backed up locally and then securely replicated to our system of geographically distant data centers. SLPowers field engineers contact each of our clients to assess any need for storm preparation assistance remotely or at their physical location.

Our local operations continue until a Hurricane Warning has been issued or our management deems conditions as unsafe. SLPowers has invested in having a geographically diverse team, so even if our South Florida operations are shut down, our team members from other parts of the country are available to provide support.  So there are always engineers at the other end of our Technical Support line ready and available for clients who need support during an emergency situation.

Hurricane Matthew has passed, but we all know another one could be right around the corner.  For now, however, things around here are returning to normal but our clients can rest assured that the SLPowers Technical Support Team is at the ready should another emergency arise.

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