Security Certification Really Matters — For Us AND For You.

At SLPowers, we thought it was important to validate our approach to assuring the security of client information. So we spent tens of thousands of dollars being audited by an independent CPA, and emerged with both a SOC 2, Type II designation, and the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ certification. SOC and CompTIA Security Trustmark.png

We also think it’s important that your own IT professionals attain certification in the data security appliances you rely on for protection. The good news is, doing so won’t cost you all that much. Consider WatchGuard, for example.

Why WatchGuard?

With a million threat management devices deployed worldwide, and dozens of industry awards attesting to their effectiveness, WatchGuard has broken away from the pack to establish the gold standard in network security products. The result is scalability, best-of-breed technology, unsurpassed ease of management, and award-winning visibility.

At SLPowers, we don’t sell anything our engineers don’t trust. We use WatchGuard technology to secure our own information. We do that because we think it combines performance and value better than any other solution in the industry.

Why now?

  • The number of cybersecurity incidents rose 38 percent last year.
  • The average cost of a U.S.-based data breach now exceeds $6 million, or $220 per record.
  • More than half of successful cyberattacks now target small- or mid-sized companies.
  • The average cost to them was $879,000 (plus another $950,000 to restore normal business).
  • Only 38 percent of organizations believe they are prepared to meet the onslaught of cybercrime.
  • Upwards of 90 percent of firewall breaches are caused by simple misconfigurations, not flaws.


Why here?

WGONE_Certified_Training_Partner-PlatinumFor one thing, we’re the number-one provider of WatchGuard education in the country, and one of only a dozen WatchGuardOne Platinum partners in the world.

For another, we offer the full gamut of hands-on WatchGuard training courses, from Fireware Essentials to advanced bundles that equip your staff to handle whatever threats they come in contact with.

One more thing:  From the beautiful beaches to the beautiful people, the Palm Beaches make for a memorable destination. Why would you want to train anywhere else?

Contact us today to learn more about our small, instructor-led courses.

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