Ransomware Stakes Keep Growing

IT officials keep thinking they’ve done all they need to keep Crypto and other ransomware variants at bay. And they keep running into unexpected surprises. Problem is, those surprises cost more than ever.  dreamstime_s_92498961

When Cryptolocker ushered in a new era in ransomware attacks in late summer 2014, the bounty victims needed to pay in order to decrypt their data was one bitcoin. At the time, that translated to about $370. For most of the next two years, ransom demands fluctuated as the Bitcoin’s exchange rate fluctuated — from that figure upwards to the low $1,000’s.

Then, in February 2016, California’s Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was hit with a $17,000 demand. They resisted paying for as long as they could, conducting its life-and-death business on pen and paper for more than a week, until finally breaking down and paying.

Now the stakes have really taken off.

On June 10th, ransomware attacked more than 153 Linux servers owned by South Korean web provider, Nayana.  Four days later, with more than 3,400 client websites and their data locked up by the malware, Nayana agreed to pay $1.01 million ransom to decrypt all of the affected servers. This is the largest ransomware demand ever paid, and it sets a bad precedent, possibly opening the door for more criminals to try their hand at this form of extortion.

Where does it all end?

dreamstime_s_46852888It ends right here.

SLPowers has developed an affordable, multi-tiered, multi-discipline approach to protecting our clients from ransomware attacks. They include:

– 24×7 monitoring of the entire network, not just its perimeter defenses.

– Configuration and installation of a state-of-the-art firewall, with its industry-leading suite of advanced features fully activated and managed.

– An approach to Wi-Fi security that protects against rogue access.

– Our award winning Guaranteed Networks backup and disaster recovery solution, in which the rapid restoral of your network is tested every month.

– Security awareness training and education, to shore up the weakest link in your security chain — your employees.

Give us a call, and we’ll customize a unique layered defense specifically for you.

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