Good Eats For Great Engineers!

At SLPowers, our engineers treat every client like they’re our only client. These industry veterans work longer, harder and smarter than the next guy. That means showing up early and sometimes leaving very, very late. Take yesterday. After a grueling 16-hour… Read More ›

Theme Parks Need Cybersecurity Too

Elias Castillo is an SLPowers Project Engineer.  Like most engineers at SLPowers, he lives and breathes cybersecurity.  Even in his downtime.  Even when researching family vacations.  And there are two theme parks that are very thankful he does. We’ll let… Read More ›

Lunch & Learn Recap: Network Security with Watchguard

The attendees at this week’s SLPowers Network Security Lunch and Learn series, held at Ruth’s Chris in West Palm Beach and Morton’s in Fort Lauderdale, discovered just how vital a multi-layered security solution when it comes to protecting your organization from the increasing threat of ransomware.  They had a first-hand… Read More ›