Is Google Always Listening?

Much to the chagrin of Chrome browser users, Google was accused of eavesdropping on customers this week with a new browser feature that turns on a computer’s microphone and carries out commands that begin with the so-called hotword “OK, Google.”… Read More ›

Google Dashboard Does What?

After reading an article on Yahoo! from the Wall Street Journal about Google Dashboard, I was intrigued and had to take a look! I don’t remember hearing about this before, but thought it was important to investigate.  The WSJ article begins, What… Read More ›

Google Glass(es)

For all the gadget geeks out there… According to Yahoo!, “Google has picked out 8,000 people who will be given a chance to don a pair of Internet-connected glasses and make a fashion statement likely to be envied by gadget-loving geeks… Read More ›

Your Cloud Could Work Better

A recent article from tech news source CRN outlined the ten biggest cloud outages of 2012. Familiar faces like and GoDaddy made the list. (GoDaddy’s outage shook them up enough to chase them out of the cloud business altogether.) Google made the… Read More ›