Internet Security

The Why And How Of VPNs

It’s 1995.  You’re waiting at the airport for your Continental Airlines flight to take off.  A large, boxy television is hanging over you playing CNN broadcasting news on the Clinton Scandal, a government shutdown, Ebola, OJ Simpson, and terror in Oklahoma.  You aren’t… Read More ›

Is Google Always Listening?

Much to the chagrin of Chrome browser users, Google was accused of eavesdropping on customers this week with a new browser feature that turns on a computer’s microphone and carries out commands that begin with the so-called hotword “OK, Google.”… Read More ›

Google Dashboard Does What?

After reading an article on Yahoo! from the Wall Street Journal about Google Dashboard, I was intrigued and had to take a look! I don’t remember hearing about this before, but thought it was important to investigate.  The WSJ article begins, What… Read More ›